Key Stage 2 courses

Our Key Stage 2 courses support teaching practice throughout the Key Stage, and also include a number of options to improve Year 6 standards.

07/12/20 Engaging and Informing Parents; Helping Children to Become Confident and Competent Readers
Led by Lindsay Pickton of Primary Education Advisors, this course will include discussion of the three modes of reading, how parents can contextually support reading and how to help children to develop an independent passion for reading.
20/01/21 The basics of effective phonics teaching
This course covers basic subject knowledge focusing on terminology, how to ensure you are using the correct pace, the importance of high expectations and tips for running interventions. This course is suitable for staff using any systematic, synthetic phonics programme.
21/01/21 Reflecting Realities: Nurturing Reader Identity
Join Farrah Serroukh in considering the role that children’s literature plays in helping them make sense of the world around them and their place within it.
12/01/21 Creating a Culture of Reading
This four-part course led by Lindsay Pickton and Christine Chen of Primary Education Advisors will cover different ways to create an effective culture of reading in the classroom.
11/02/21 Wandle Twilights: Guiding Readers
This session will explore practical ways into developing children’s comprehension skills during the teaching of reading. It will support teacher’s knowledge and understanding of how children develop as readers.
20/05/21 Oracy in Primary School
Oracy develops students' confidence, articulacy and capacity to learn. Led by practitioners from Voice 21, this session will look at some of the key approaches and strategies for primary school teachers to consider in developing their oracy practice.